Monday, July 8, 2013

Back from my technology break

Well that lasted longer than I thought!  Mostly because the hubby's computer broke and he was home most of last week, so I was not on our computer much at all because he was.  To report though it was easier to ignore my phone and even my heart monitor than I thought, although now that I am back I don't want to work out without it. 

We went on vacation and I was not crazy enough to not let the kids watch a movie in the car or let big L use her iPod.  For the most part though we spent time together.  The only one incapable of doing this was my husband who did not go a day, even on vacation, without his computer.  I guess I need to plan a trip to someplace that has no hope of internet connection to entice him to leave it behind. 

But I am back and slowly but surely will be posting all the things I meant to post last week, at least I think I will!  I am still a bit worn out because we came home from vacation and then had a party on the 4th. 

Back to our busy life.

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