Friday, July 12, 2013


Big L loves dolphins.  I am sure it started before the movie Dolphin Tail came out, but that movie put her love for the cute swimmers over the top.  She has dozens of books about dolphins, and she has read or browsed most of them. 
So instead of going to Disneyland for our first big vacation, which I a NOT ready for, we decided to do Sea World.  It was a hit!  We watched shows, sat in the splash zone, and big L got an extra special treat.  She got to have a dolphin experience.  She got up close with some other people and a trainer and touched, fed and "trained" the dolphin.  She LOVED it.  It was well worth the money to see her face when she was done as she talked excitedly about how she "held up" a 300 pound dolphin by the tail. 

Now we have to make her a strong swimmer and go swim with the dolphins when she is older.  I am doing that one with her though, I can't let her have all the fun!

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