Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things I think about when having to drive for an hour and a half on Saturday

Today was the day I take my oldest L to her grandmother's house so she can visit her father.  Not my favorite thing to do.  Even though she is sometimes difficult I would rather have her home screaming at me than somewhere else, but I digress.  Today I was thinking about where I am at in life and why I am where I am. 

Woah.  Deep thought considering I have had way too little sleep, and would be quite content going back to bed right now.  I am not the best at expressing my emotions, especially to my husband.  I have reasons, most of which stem from my poor decisions regarding who I shared my heart with earlier in my life and nothing to do with him. 

I have been thinking a lot about fitness and how I sabotage myself a lot and don't do what I know I should do.  See, I have gained twenty pounds since my lowest weigh-in, and I am not really happy about this.  This past couple of weeks I have been pushing myself to get back into a groove that will help me get out of this funk.  Little l is finally old enough that she will let me exercise and I won't have to run all over making sure she is okay, so I have been able to exercise during the day when I normally wouldn't have been able to.  She is not napping, so nap time is a thing of the past in our home. 

Overall though, even with the gain, I am still healthier than I have been in a long time, maybe even ever.  I truly don't feel I would be where I am without my husband.  Not because he makes me exercise or was disappointed in me when I was not fit, neither of which are true; but, because my husband makes me aspire to be a better and more fit person.  He represents for me, things I want to be and things I know I can be. I never had the motivation to be these things before. I can only hope that I somehow inspire him to be a better person in some way as well.

This is what I was thinking about this morning, because I was thinking and hoping that when my children start looking for a mate to share their life with, that they too will be smart about who they choose and will pick someone who not only causes them to be a better person, but who is a better person for being with my daughter.  It only took me until my thirties to realize that this is how you should truly choose a life mate, but I did, and I am grateful today for my husband, who I love more than I am able to express most days. In the meantime, I will work on expressing my feelings a little more, but maybe not today......

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring-like, two-three weeks ago

I have been meaning to post updates on my gardening attempts, but life is crazy sometimes and that is that. 

Also, I have had the parts and pieces to put a drip system in but it has taken us about three months to get around to actually doing anything.  Pitiful, but like I said, life is crazy sometimes and that is that.  The drip system is still being worked on, but should be completed in a week or two, or at least completed to the point where I can easily add a plant here or there. 

The fun thing is that the plants from last year are coming back strong!  I will have more pictures soon!


Petunias.  This is an old plant I have kept it alive for a very long time!

Apple Blossoms.  The tree was loaded, I am going to have to pinch off some of the small fruits because they branches are not mature enough to handle it all!

Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossom

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Improved Yogurt Making

I love my own homemade yogurt.  I find it is not as bitter as the plain Greek yogurt you buy at the stores.  It is also super easy.  You warm up your milk, let it cool, add your old yogurt or starter, put it in the Yogotherm, wait and viola!  YOGURT!  I then strain it so that it is Greek yogurt and eat away!

This is my new yogurt maker.  It is called a Yogotherm and it is basically an insulated bucket, that holds a smaller bucket with the yogurt.  I can make 1/2 gallon of milk in to yogurt at one time, so it makes more than a few days worth of Greek yogurt.  Pictured is my finished yogurt after it is strained.  I am usually able to get 3-4 cups of whey off the yogurt.  Yummy!  I just need a new strainer, because my old one has too many holes in it.