Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Improved Yogurt Making

I love my own homemade yogurt.  I find it is not as bitter as the plain Greek yogurt you buy at the stores.  It is also super easy.  You warm up your milk, let it cool, add your old yogurt or starter, put it in the Yogotherm, wait and viola!  YOGURT!  I then strain it so that it is Greek yogurt and eat away!

This is my new yogurt maker.  It is called a Yogotherm and it is basically an insulated bucket, that holds a smaller bucket with the yogurt.  I can make 1/2 gallon of milk in to yogurt at one time, so it makes more than a few days worth of Greek yogurt.  Pictured is my finished yogurt after it is strained.  I am usually able to get 3-4 cups of whey off the yogurt.  Yummy!  I just need a new strainer, because my old one has too many holes in it.

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