Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our new method of travel

Little l and I have taken to the streets.  My husband "kind of" fixed my bike, enough that I can ride it.  We purchased a new bike trailer on clearance for the little one to ride in and we are having adventures! 

I found out a couple months ago that I have a tear in the whatever part of my hip.  So running is not such a good exercise and we were run/walking to the park every week.  Now we are going to the park multiple times a week, riding to dance class, and packing up for morning adventures.  That is until it gets too hot, but for now it is nice and a great way to not worry about what I should be doing on the computer or at home and just focus on this little one who is growing so fast.  I am also becoming more fit.  The only downside so far is that bicycling makes me HUNGRY, I mean REALLY HUNGRY!  So the caloric intake versus output has been an issue, but I am sure I will somehow find a happy medium.