Thursday, July 11, 2013

Travelling with food allergies

My dad and I making breakfast I believe
We traveled with my parents partly to be with them, and partly to have use of a kitchen while we were gone.  It is hard to travel with two kids with food allergies.  I can only let big L eat so many hamburgers before I feel like a horrible mother.  So for the week away I planned a menu just like I would at home, with a few notations for eating out. 

It was easy, I prepared what I could ahead of time.  We only had one incident while we were gone at a diner that apparently does not segregate eggs and hamburgers, and I forgot to ask.  But all worked out without an ER trip, so I think we did well!

Needless to say, when we got back I was a little tired of cooking.  Cooking in a kitchen that is smaller than mine at home (already small) was a challenge, but I had a system going after a few meals. 

What do you do when traveling with your food allergy children?  

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