Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lunch Bags...School is almost here!

School starts soon and big L's lunch box grosses me out.  I can't seem to get it clean anymore.  She has used it for about a year and half, so I can't complain too much.  We use a lot of re-usable containers, and some kids lunchboxes just don't fit enough of those for her to have her food properly separated.  So I went a looking for lunchbox patterns online.  I found a few and ended up combining some and doing my own thing.  I did it in three different ways. 


 I used dishtowels and a shower curtain I purchased at IKEA.  I got the shower curtain idea from another pattern, but the dishtowel thing is just from me liking to make things out of dishtowels.  They are already hemmed you know!
For the first one I sewed along one side, then folded up the bottom and sewed it together about two inches from the bottom. 
I added velcro to the one side so it will stay folded over and voila, a washable lunch bag.  I plan on throwing it in with the towels when it gets dirty. 

For this one I folded it in half and sewed up both short sides.  All this I should say was after I sewed the liner to the towel.  Then I put a button on the front and used the loop on the towel to close it.  Easy peasy!
This was my husbands favorite.

 This one I folded in half the long way and sewed up the side.  It was way too deep so I cut off a portion, folded down the top, and sewed around, then added the velcro to keep it closed.  I took the portion I had cut off and sewed the bottom together.  It was the top of the towel with the loop so I added a button.  Perfect size to hold a sandwich. 
 Nothing fancy on the bottom.  But it will hold what it needs to.  This set is my favorite.  I may go back to IKEA and get another set of cute towels.  Or I may find some somewhere else.  I liked these because they were a pretty big size. 

I didn't do a fancy bottom on them.  I tried on the first two, it didn't really work out.  I want them to be super washable so unless I figure out a way to do that and have them keep their shape I think I will keep doing it this way. 

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