Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Organizing Shoes....ARGH!

I have almost always had a no shoe home.  At least from the time I had my own home.  I used to be quite the crazy about clean floors and well, I still am in many ways.  My floors have to be mopped after my parents come over because they don't remove their shoes. 

Because of this we have a LOT of shoes by our doors.  A lot of shoes.  They are always messy and I have a heck of a time getting the big kid to put her shoes away.  Little l can be a bit obsessive about putting her shoes where they go, so it is not too bad with her.  As for me, I have been on a bit of a shoe buying spree.  After finding most of my shoes were too wide after losing weight and discovering that I like to wear nice things again I have more shoes now than I have had in quite some time. 

This week I decided I had had enough.  I couldn't take the mess any longer. 
 This was our current solutiuon.  What you can't see is the six or so pair of shoes all over the floor.  Those grocery bags!  ARGH!  Why do I have so many?  I went through those and weeded out some, then folded what I had into one bag and put them back in the car where they belong!
I got a cube thing from Target and some bins.  Look at that nice clean hall now!
 Now I have two bins and an empty slot for my shoes.  Big L and little l each have their own bin.  Socks on top for me, and in her bin for little l.  The only thing I didn't think about was how big my husband's feet were and his don't fit in a bin at all.  So he has his set in one spot and a pair on the floor next to it.  I can deal with this.  :-)
 Then I moved to my back door.  I forgot to take a  before picture.  We have a lot of shoes by the back door.  Extras for when friends come and they need a pair to wear out to the pool.  We also have extra swimsuits and towels, and all of this has to be convenient by the back door.  We had all of the shoes in that basket above.  It was a pain and a mess!
I moved that old shoe rack to this door.  Flip flops stack well, so I can fit more pairs on here than if we are doing the regular daily shoes.  Towels only are in the black bin now.  It used to be a mess of swimsuits, goggles and towels.  Now the swimsuits and goggles are in the blue basket.  Hopefully this will work and everyone can keep up.  I just have to train the husband, he doesn't seem to want to put the shoes back on the rack......

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