Monday, July 15, 2013

The BEST zoo ever!

I have been to the San Diego Zoo a few times in my life, and it is still, in my mind, the best zoo ever.  It was a little warm the day we went, but we still enjoyed ourselves.  This excursion was more for little l, but big L truly enjoyed it as well.  What really rocked was when we saw the panda get up and walk around in front of us.  Mostly they were just hiding or laying about, but when we were walking by he decided to get up and strut.  Beautiful creatures. 

I was going to say lions and tigers and bears oh my!  But I can't find the picture of the lion.  Perhaps it was not in a good place for a picture.  My loving hubby is responsible for all of the vacation pictures, he is a truly awesome photographer, with more patience than I will ever have.  Sometimes I worry though that he is missing out on the experience because he is always behind the camera. 
Baby giraffe, what a cutie!

Me pretending to be a fossil at one of the exhibits.  I know I am HILARIOUS!
 Do you see how thin I am here!?  It still amazes me.  I really do feel like the old me again, only without some of those old hang ups and emotional inadequacies. 
This is just an awesome picture that he told me he couldn't get, but look, it turned out well. 

This big guy (girl?) was kind enough to pose for a picture.  Quite cool since they normally hide. 

These 2 grizzly bears just wanted a nap, they did not care about showing us their magnificence. 
The zoo day was great.  They let you pack a lunch so we brought our own food that day.  There was so much to see and SOOOOO much walking to do.  But big L did fine walking all over to see everything.  We only missed one exhibit, which is pretty good considering the size of the place! The kids had a blast and learned a little, I guess, in the meantime.  Especially at the polar bear exhibit, stark realities when you look at dioramas of the ice caps. 

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