Friday, May 31, 2013

A place to sit and ponder....

 With the terrible two has come a large use of the time out chair.  We were using a table chair, but that sends a bit of a mixed message when you sit down to eat dinner.  So IKEA also provided me a cheap chair.  I decided to decorate it! 
I also decided to call it the family's time out spot, because amazingly the older L has been going to time out lately too.  Plus, I wanted the ability to sit there myself when I need a moment to pause before reacting, or when I just need a break.  
 Love, hope and patience are what we hope will grow as we sit. 
 I made it very colorful.  It is a punishment in a way, but I want them to think of it more as a place to think and calm down, not sit and scream because they don't want to be there. 
And so, I put, where I sit and ponder how my words and actions effect the ones I love, and those who love me, most.  So far they like it and it is being used....frequently. 

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