Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy/yet rough week

I have accomplished a lot this week.  I will have lots to blog about next week, but I have not had the time or ability to focus at all this week. 

Sometimes you have weeks like this.  There was a time when I would have beat myself up and berated myself in my mind for not doing enough, not being a perfect mother. 

The truth though is that I am a good mother, I do A LOT for my kids, as mothers should.  Last weekend was big L's dance recital.  She was wonderful and beautiful and has improved from last year.  Unfortunately, the Friday before she had to stay home sick from school.  She still has a lingering cough, but she was up on that stage enjoying herself on Sunday.  Then Tuesday afternoon little l got sick.  So hard for the itty bitty ones to be sick.  She cries out in her sleep at night when she coughs.  Of course, I followed suit and am sick, because I can't help but snuggle with my children.  The hubby came down with it yesterday afternoon.  It has been a rough week health wise. 

The fact is, I still managed to do a lot to nourish my mind (figuratively speaking of that part of you that exists in your mind, the thoughts that need to be fed but aren't really describable).  I made allergy friendly chocolate chip cookies for the end of year party at big L's school, that according to one child are the best cookies ever!  (patting myself on the back now)  As I said, I have a lot to post about, but merging pictures and words is a bit much for me right now. 

Instead I have been cleaning out the email box.  Taking surveys on next years Girl Scout cookie program; hard to believe my training will start in October.  Watching those things that you put aside to watch when you have time, but don't seem to find time for. 

This link will take you to a wonderful life story about a kid who was diagnosed with cancer at 14, died a few days ago at 18, and what he did with his life.  I think this weekend we will focus on taking care of ourselves and just spending time together being happy.  Because, really, that is how I know I am a good mom.  My kids like to do stuff with me, but they also like to just take time and snuggle up, maybe talk about something important to them, maybe just be near each other.  Watching what this kid did with his life makes me feel like the last half of this school year has left us sick and blah for a reason.  It is as if we were so busy going from one thing/place to another that we forgot to sit back, relax and enjoy what we were doing.  To enjoy each other when we could.  That ability was the point of me not working, and yet it seems to have fallen to the back burner these last few months, and honestly to have just been burnt beyond recognition. 

A break from school and activities is what we have for the summer, with the exception of little l's swim lesson, and big L's ceramics class which starts in June.  However, those are simple things that we can take the time to enjoy.  We don't have to feel rushed as summer is here, and it is too darn hot to move quickly anyway. 

I think that this weekend we will just spend time together, relax, and maybe listen to the album written by the kid who passed away.  Thankfully, my family is like me and we all need these down times to recharge and remember that what is important is the four of us. 

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