Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A place to store my gardening tools

I have been in need of a storage chest for my gardening tools, seeds and books for quite some time.  I was looking around trying to find one I could refurb, but they were either too big, too wide, or just plain too much for something that is going to sit on my patio.  
Thankfully, IKEA has this little dresser for $35.  

It was rather plain, so I gathered up my paints and Big L and we went to work.  

 On top I put two sunflowers and my two girls.  In front flowers and Emerson. 
This side is Big L's interpretation of Jack and the Beanstalk, were jack uses a ladder to climb the beanstalk, and the giant is nice because he lives in the love mountains.  
This side is a rainbow with four flowers, one for each of us.  They have our initials in them. 

Once the patio is done I will show you how it fits with the other stuff around it and give you a good shot of the front.  It turned out much nicer than I thought, and the more I paint the more comfortable I am with paint, though I will always prefer pencils, markers and pastels I think.  Note to self, paint THEN assemble!

This is just the right size for my pruning shears, my gloves, my books, and my seeds.  LOVE IT!

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