Friday, May 17, 2013

Oops...I smell like Peppermint Bark

One of my favorites around the holidays is peppermint bark.  Love the chocolate and mint mixture. 

I reworked my body butter recipe.  Followed the instructions on the website I posted, and still ended up with a hard mass of stuff.  I remelted, added more avocado oil, and while not fluffy (except right after whipping) it does immediately melt into our skin. 

 That is what my body butter looks like after whipping.  It is nice.  I like it, but it is a bit oily.  I think that is just because of the cocoa butter and the fact it requires more liquid oil to make it not completely harden at room temp. When I made this batch I thought it would be fun to add a little peppermint essential oil.  A nice fresh scent.  What I forgot to consider was that when mixed with the cocoa butter it now smells like one of my favorite candies.  Plus, I am back on the diet and can't indulge in said candy (which I purchased during the holidays so I could eat in moderation once done with the diet).  Oh well! 

I am ready to break down and test my kids for coconut again.  Maybe a week of coconut oil in one spot to see what happens.  Either that or I will have to experiment more to make this work with cocoa butter. 
The best part of that picture up there is my new mother's day present.  I am not normally one for appliances on mother's day, however, this is something I was always putting off buying.  I always told myself it was unecessary, I could mix with a spoon, I had a handheld beater.  I WAS WRONG and a bit crazy.  I used it four times in the first two days I had it.  IT IS AMAZING!  I get it now.  To be honest, I make enough items in the kitchen that will benefit from this that it was absolutely worth the money!  Best part my husband didn't make me get a cheaper color, her let me get the pretty blue you see before you, which goes well with the red and yellow in my kitchen.  I am in love with this thing.  What did I do without it? 

I will be using it for many things, not just body butter, cookies, cake and frosting.  I will also trying using it to make rye bread, because my last attempt was a bit unsuccessful. 

I will keep you updated on using the cocoa butter in body butter.  For now we need to finish off the batch we have.   I will try not to eat my children, but they smell like yummy peppermint bark so it may be hard!

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