Monday, June 3, 2013

Gardening additions, upside down plants, succulents and squash

I groupon-ed the other day and ordered these upside down planters.  My pepper plants needed to be thinned in the pot they were in, so I moved three into the three hanging planters.  So far they have survived the transplant, now to see how this upside down growing goes. 

 I have a lot of squash growing on my plants.  The zucchini was being a little camera shy, but you may see that there is a double squash growing in there.  Weird.  I also was able to harvest a cucumber but it was eaten before a proper picture could be taken.  IT WAS GOOD!
 I bought some more succulents the other day.  Though the aloe in the chicken soup bowl is actually from a big plant I removed from the garden.  They are all doing quite well, and I have learned to how to grow more from what I have, so hopefully I won't have to buy as many all the time. 
That pretty little cactus in the middle was an impulse buy, but isn't it pretty? 

All of this is working towards my vision of how my patio should be.  We are not there yet, but maybe, just maybe we will be by July 4 when I plan on having a little party.  We will see!

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