Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Exercise with little ones

I am soliciting advice.  Little l is not really willing to stay out of trouble while I exercise.  For a couple weeks I was able to get up before her to exercise, but as summer takes over she is waking up at 5 instead of 6:30.  Taking away my precious exercise time.  I try to tell her to let me exercise, to get her involved, but she prefers Yoga Kids, and that does nothing for my heart rate!

My loving husband likes to leave for work early, or sleep in while I exercise, so he is no help.  Every once in awhile I can convince him to let me shower before he leaves.  I can't afford a gym, and I am not really comfortable with gym day cares.  Which leaves me early morning (before 5), in the evening after he gets home, we eat and I clean up, or during nap time.  Yesterday nap time worked, but I am not sure Big L is going to be open to doing that every day.  Personally I have a hard time working out late in the evening, because then I can't get to sleep.

Because of where we live and how quickly my toddler can get too hot going to the park and running around with them is out for the summer.  I am sure I will come up with something, but if anyone has a suggestion or something fun they do inside please share!

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