Thursday, June 6, 2013

More charm pack skirts

I found a few cute charm packs in clearance and on sale about six months ago.  They have been sitting in my stash looking cute since then.  I have finally been finding time for a little sewing, and since I ran out of thread for the quilt I have been finishing up other projects and finding new things to do with the thread I have.  The girls have both grown quite a bit and big L's other charm skirt seems shorter each time she wears it. 

 It took about an hour and half to make the big one, and an hour for the little one, so these are quick and easy projects that make you feel like you accomplished something.  Big L loves hers despite my boo boos (we were measuring challenged for some reason).
 Little l likes hers as well.  Especially since the pack I found has little owls on a few of the fabrics.  Hoo, hoo.

All in all, I just like these because they are fast, inexpensive, and you can hide certain mistakes.  Big L wanted hers longer this time, so next time I need to remember to get an extra charm pack. 

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