Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Illness followed by illness

The past month has been a bit slow around here.  I have been sick off and on since October.  Big L got sick over winter break, shared it with her sister, who graciously shared it with mom and dad.  All in all, it has been a tiring month.  Add to that all of the holiday cheer and I have barely had time to rest let alone blog.

Thankfully little l is finally feeling better, and able to sleep through the night.  She was so congested my husband spent three or so nights sleeping upright with her.

Bronchitis is something we take very seriously in our home (not that you don't), as with two asthmatics it can quickly become a serious problem.  So our doctor had everyone except my husband on antibiotics (yes I know bronchitis is a virus, but the secondary infections are generally not).  Through all this we discovered little l's first allergy.  Penicillin.  A sick baby with hives is not a happy baby.  However, as I said we have all recovered, and started the new year, healthy (well most of us, hubby is still recovering), and happy with a lot of new exciting things to share.

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