Friday, January 6, 2012

Errands with Baby...

The last time little l and I went to Costco it was a nightmare.  She kept trying to stand up in the cart, fussed unless I was holding her, no small feat when trying to push a very heavy cart. I swore that was it, never again. However, today I had no choice, we needed costco items, and my babysitter is sick.  Today I timed it differently, I let her nap fed her lunch, then loaded her up and off we went.

She did well this time, thankfully, other than the crying on the way home because she was tired.

I don't know how other mom's handle this, but sometimes I don't have a choice.  I have to take little l. Not sure what I will do next time, because sometimes we have to go at a specific time, so that big L can go for allergy shots. When this happens little l misses a nap and is difficult. Perhaps I will try to remember my wrap and just wear her from now on.

I guess I have learned to never say never.

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