Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Organization and Rearranging

As discussed earlier, we have been thinking of moving our rooms around.  This weekend, after a nice date night (first since the baby was born), we decided it was time to get moving.

Our chosen arrangement required that I empty and move almost every heavy piece of furniture I own.  No small task, but honestly it forced me to reorganize all of my things in a manner that will make it much easier to find and use them.  The initial result, however, was a little overwhelming.  There were piles of things everywhere, and a baby to keep away from them.

Further, we had to move all of the furniture around to move it out of the way for the furniture moving in.  It was like a big furniture dance.  The picture of my books does not do justice to the number of books I had to move.  I am so grateful my husband got me a kindle for the holidays, and i am truly contemplating only buying digital books from now on.  They are much easier to move.  Just don't ask me to get rid of the books I already have.
While moving I decided that all of may fabric that is waiting to be made into wonderful things needed to be reorganized.  It was a mess.  This was my fabric holder....I am not sure the play yard was meant to hold so much weight.  However, since little l refuses to be placed in it, other than for sleep when traveling, I guess it was good to have some use of it.
Thankfully, I have made a lot of progress over the last few days.  This is our new dining room.  It is much more comfortable than the way it was, and much harder to put things on the table that don't belong!  Now to finish the picture on the back wall the former owners left for us to complete.

I have not completely moved the children's play area out of the other room, I am still deciding how much should move.  I am happy to say that the cubby shelves we use now hold far less toys, and most of my fabric collection.  Goodwill here we come! In fact if you look closely, we have a whole row plus two of just puzzles and games, which we love to play around here, but couldn't see all of before.  Little l spent a good 40 minutes playing with the "kitchen" while I cooked last night, which was glorious!  The table in the corner is my scrapbooking station.  Can't ask for more than a dedicated table for scrapping.  The cupboards in the picture above actually hold all of my sewing and scrapbooking supplies, plus some girl scout and kid crafting items.

The last section to be completed is my desk, which is really my sewing area/bill paying area.  I have not completely decided how I want everything placed, so it is taking longer, plus, I have a lot of year end paperwork to go through......

I am happy it is almost done, but I am a bit tired, and don't want to rush through the last bit just to finish.  The goal was to purge while reorganizing, and you have to be in the right frame of mind for that.  It may take another week, but my hope is to be sewing a new apron to hold my clothespins by next week.  I am sure it will happen, maybe not by Monday, but before Friday at least!

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