Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little l's habit...

Little l has a bad habit.  She picks up everything and puts it in her mouth.  Every little crumb, every thing that we drop, pieces of the grout coming out of one of our tiles, you name it.  

I don't remember having this much of a problem with big L, and when she was an infant, I had dogs and all that comes with that experience.  

I don't know what to do about l's issue, I know she will eventually outgrow it, but it worries me that she will choke.  Yesterday I was chopping carrot for soup and dropped two little circles on the floor.  I immediately looked for them to pick them up.  Finding only one, I thought maybe I was wrong about dropping two.  Twenty minutes later, I noticed that l was chewing on something, only to find my missing carrot.  Thankfully she did not choke.  

Other than trying to be careful I am not sure what else I can do at this point to protect her.  She just seems to like chewing on things for long periods, and she will chew on whatever she finds.  Our house is not dirty, but I do have a six year old fond of leaving crumbs everywhere.  What does everyone else do?  


  1. Our youngest is nearly 10 months old now and while I type this comment, she is chewing on a Burt's Bees box. She is right next to me, and I have an eye on her...

    and I just took it away because she didn't decide for herself that it was gross. (I don't know about this one! lol! She might eat dog food or glue one day. ;0) I just asked her to trade me the box for a carrot, which she was happy to do.

    Honestly, when I had my first, I was ever vigilant about this, but now that baby number 6 is at this stage, I have a more relaxed approach. We keep dangerous stuff out of reach, the house is clean, and I try to trust that she is capable of figuring out whats gross to gnaw on. ;0

    1. i try to relax, and i too wonder when she will realize it is gross. normally i am not too grossed out, but the other day she put feline pine from the bunny's litter box in her mouth, that one almost made me lose it. i suppose eventually they will learn, until then the outlets are all covered; she keeps trying to put her tongue in them!

      thanks. I love you blog, btw.