Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new school!!! Exciting!

Big L started her new school on Monday.  She came home so excited i was relieved!  I was a bit concerned that the switch from Montessori to public school would be a little bumpy, but so far so good!  I mean really good.  Her only complaint from yesterday was more of a statement than a complaint.  She informed me that she didn't get to pick her work, she had to do what the teacher had everyone doing.

She came home very excited because she made a lot of new friends, saw her girl scout friends and all in all had a good day.  She was so excited about the library, it is huge.  However, one of her favorite parts was the bus ride home.  It takes about 30 minutes for her to get here from school, even though we live a mile away, but she loved it!  Why?  She said she likes to be jostled about and not wearing a seatbelt.  hmph.  I loved it too, because;

Reason one:  I don't have to load the baby in the car, drive a mile to turn around and drive right back.

Reason two:  I don't have to deal with the zoo that is afternoon pick up at her school.  There are just a lot of parents trying to pick there kids up all at once, it is CRAZY!  Plus, the bus is a much more environmentally friendly method for pick up and drop off.  It is not one kid per car, there are quite a few kids on the bus.  My car's fuel economy suffers when I drive her to and from school.  Seriously, the hills here eat fuel quickly, so I am excited to see how much fuel I actually use (or don't use) with her riding the bus.

Reason three:  We get to walk to and from the bus stop together.  This may be my favorite part.  Monday, she talked non-stop about her day until we got home, this does not happen in the car.  I usually get the, "I don't know, I did nothing" today response.  While I will have to pick her up from the bus stop on Tuesday in the car, every other day we are walking.

Reason four:  After watching big L get on the bus and go in the morning, little l and I can go for our own walk.  I admittedly need to lose weight and get active again.  My health issues are screaming for exercise. This makes me get out there and do it.  No excuses.  Granted, I live in a very hilly neighborhood, so we are starting off slow and on the less steep roads, but I hope that in a month or so we will be climbing those hills.

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