Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purging, cleaning and reorganizing

We have lived in our home for about a year and a half now.  I love my house.  It works well for us, but after living in it for a year, I have begun to rethink how I have things laid out.  In my opinion we have way too much stuff.  Big L disagrees, but she doesn't miss things when I purge toys from her pile.

We have a room that was added on to our home and is not connected to our heating/a/c ducts.  This is the room we currently spend the most time in.  I think this is a bit silly.  In the summer I am hot, in the winter I am cold.  While I like that the TV is in this room, and that it is the only room with natural light yearly 'round and day long, I want to switch things up.

Thus begun the negotiations.  I can't do this myself.  There is a lot of heavy furniture that will have to be moved, so my hubby has to be on board to help me.  What I want to do is move all the toys/crafts etc, out of what we call the "sunroom", and into the great room of the house.  The great room is currently a sitting area/dining room.

Pluses to making this move include:
1.  The ability to regulate the temperature in the room we will be spending more time in/not having to use the wall A/C in the summer.
2.  The children's toys will not reside in the same room as the TV.  We have been watching less TV lately, but I think we could reduce the amount further.
3.  The children can play while I cook, and my run when someone screams will be MUCH shorter, plus I will be able to see them from the kitchen.
4.  We can eat in a room that has windows, watching the weather/sunset, etc.
5.  I think it will be a more efficient use of the space we have.

The minuses:
1.  It is going to be a pain to move all of this stuff.
2.  I have too many books, moving them is a pain, but it is unlikely I will get rid of many if any at all.
3.  We may have to use lighting more throughout the day as the center of the house is only light at certain times of day, and those times depend on the time of year.
4.  Big L may notice if I get rid of as many toys as I want.  Mind you she rarely plays with these toys and I consider most of them junky, but you know.....  Big L is bordering on being a hoarder.
5.  It won't be as easy to dump everything on the dining room table.  Wait, that is a plus!

This is my currently very messy dining area.  Can you believe we find room to eat here?

So we have begun the discussion.  My hubby has remeasured all furniture and rooms, put all the numbers in his computer, and we will be playing around with the furniture configuration for a little longer, then hopefully the change will happen.

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