Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Making it a good day....with sewing and baking.

Yesterday morning was very busy.  I had a doctor appointment, big L had a dental appointment, and we had to stop at Costco on the way home because I did not want to drive all the way out there again this week.  I did not expect it to be a productive day other than accomplishing the above mentioned tasks.

I did not receive good news from my doctor, so off to the ENT I go. Normally this would have put me into a spin an I would have used it as an excuse to relax for the day.  While I have a horrible headache that does not seem to end, and a cough/sore throat that have been around since October I can't justify just sitting any longer.

So I got productive.  This weekend I decided the pile of scraps waiting to be sewn together to make a rag rug, a la, Amanda Blake Soule and her book Handmade Home, would be sewn together.  They are not equal, but hey, I am sure it will all work out in the end.  Okay, I HOPE it will all work out!
That project will be going forward with the help of Big L, so it is on hold for a few weeks as her schedule does not give us time for awhile.

I was going to make diaper covers this weekend, but it just didn't work out.  Instead my hubby and and I cleaned out our closet (really cleaned, he even took the boxes to Goodwill already), and I made bread and muffins.

Yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to take the leap and make the diaper cover.  So I started.....and FINISHED!!!!  I am not the greatest seamstress.  I would say I am an advanced beginner, but I did okay for the first try, I think.
I know, my legs need the elastic stretched tighter.  Working with elastic is new to me, so it is taking some practice, a little cursing, and a good stern talking to (the elastic that is).
One thing I like about making my own is I can combine the aspects I like from both types of diaper covers we use.  Little l is a big soaker.  When I use a G diaper, which has the center snap in liner surrounded by a cloth cover, she soaks right through.  When I use a flip diaper it doesn't always catch everything on the diaper, and I can't always get it to fit snug against her.
Did I come up with this all on my own?  Heck no.  I happened across it at Joanne's before the holidays and planned on making them before the end of the year (HAH!).  It is a line called Babyville Boutique. I like it okay, and if you have a coupon it is quite affordable, or at least less than buying a pre-made cover.

To top it all off Big L requested we make the cookie recipe out of the cookbook I gave her for x-mas.  How could I say no?  So we have pretty heart shaped sugar cookies in our home as well.  Yesterday was a great day.  :-)

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