Monday, November 21, 2011


Since big L was three most of her schooling has been Montessori.  I like the Montessori method, and am generally pleased with how she is learning and growing.  However, this year her teacher is having personal issues.  Her school is not communicating with parents regarding what they are doing to find a teacher for her room.  To be honest, between this and the person who runs the school and feels it is acceptable to treat parents as if they are children who do not know any better, I have had it.

Her learning has stalled since October because there is no one challenging her in class.  She doesn't come home spouting off addition/multiplication problems she is so proud to have completed anymore.  Instead she tells me about how she taught this student this lesson and that student that lesson.  All of that is fine, it is Montessori, but it should not be the majority of her day, or at least the only memorable part of her day.

After many pained hours of thinking about what would benefit her more, we have decided to move her to the local public school.  We don't have bad schools where we live.  What I have noticed the most is that my girl scouts who go to the public school are progressing quicker than the girls going to the Montessori school (big L excluded: we "work" a lot at home on reading).

There are many plusses at the public school.  They have programs set up to work with children at whatever level they are currently at in learning.  They have computer labs, a real art room, a library, and other options we just can't get at a school with 150 children, K-8.

In the end, I think the change will be for the best, but sometimes I worry that she won't adjust to sitting at a desk.  She has so many friends at the public school I believe she will do fine.  Did I mention they have a nurse?  No more stressing about accidental ingestion of a food that could endanger her life.

Starting in January, after winter break, big L is going to be taking the bus to her new school.  The bus makes it more fun for her, and much easier on me!  I hope the excitement overshadows the friends she is leaving behind.  We live in such a small town she will be in school with her new friends all the way through high school.

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