Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nightime Visitors; or, why my cacti look as though they are falling apart

 This is my cactus.  It is an okay plant, really I am not a huge fan of desert landscaping, but I don't have to water it so it makes me happy.  I ignore it and just pick up pieces and toss them from time to time so the front looks like I might care about it (I don't really care about the front yard).  Those glowing eyes belong to my neighbor. 
This is one of many little guys who came to visit us the other night.  Not an unusual occurrence.   In fact this family of javelina are our neighbors, we co-exist in our community and as long as they aren't tipping over my trash can I have no issues with them.  The herd is growing though.  What started out as five or six has grown and now when I have to wait for them to cross the street so I can drive by there are sometimes ten or more. 
 This one is sniffing the air, can you tell?  They don't see well.  They don't see you standing there really but they smell you and they will charge at you if they perceive a threat to the herd.  I have never had that happen.  Mostly I just wait or walk away from them. 
This little guy is enjoying a bit of a munch on that cactus of mine.  I am actually perfectly fine with that.  The cactus does grow up and there are still viable parts at the top, mostly because over the years they have eaten the parts at the bottom.  I say it is better they eat my cactus than my trash, and it is truly better they eat what they find rather than having people feed them the wrong foods!

Interesting fact for the day:  Each herd of javelina has its own smell.  In order to introduce a new animal to the herd you have to let it live amongst them awhile and take on the odor or they will not accept her to their family. 

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