Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toddler Tortillas-Attempting Home pre-schooling.

Some of you may know that my little one REALLY wants to go to school.  She thinks she is old enough, she is two already.  So I have been setting up a little home preschool for her.  We do things as she asks, there is not a hard and fast schedule.  Today has been a bit crazier than normal.  I don't really have time to be sitting here, but I needed a breather. 

My husbands bike needed repairs, so I had to drive him to work this morning, then take his bike into the shop.  That meant we didn't get home until closer to 10:30 and little l and I had to do laundry.  So outside we went to hang up the clothes, and the time we were supposed to be making jam was eaten up by more mundane tasks. 

I am however, making chicken tortilla soup for dinner tonight and we needed tortillas.  Lately, little l has been more interested in helping me in the kitchen, and "helping me" cook, cut, etc.  Obviously, I am not handing over the knife just yet, but I needed tortillas, not sliced veggies, and pressing a tortilla is something a two year old can really put her muscles into.  Not only that but it gave us a chance to have a stove safety lesson.  She pressed on the cool half of the stove, while I cooked the tortillas on the hot half.  She had to test it of course, she is who she is, but it was not traumatic, just teaching.  No burns occurred.  She helped for almost half of the tortillas I made which was twice as many as I thought would hold her attention. 

She thought it was pretty neat the way I mixed the masa, then rolled a ball, which she got to smoosh into a tortilla.  I think this was better preschool than what I had planned.  Thank goodness I am not too uptight anymore and I am capable of going with the flow. 

Now, she is watching Handy Manny and coloring.  I know TV is controversial, but honestly, she
"sits" in front of it about 20 minutes a day, and sometimes a mommy just needs a little break so she can blog!  (On the plus side we have been working on adding more Spanish in our day, too which she has been a bit reluctant, Handy Manny is sneaking in that Spanish for me right now!)

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