Thursday, August 22, 2013

Strawberry Jam part 2

If you follow my blog you know I made strawberry jam earlier this summer.  Here is the link with the recipe, in case you are inspired to try it out.  Well, we already ran out, so I was back in the kitchen the other day making more.  I have noticed that our strawberries at the store have been sweeter lately, and organic strawberries were on sale so I took three of the four pounds we bought and went to making jam. 

 Don't they look yummy?  This time I had a different child helping me.  Little l helped by....well....she ate strawberries, kept her fingers off the cutting board, and watched off and on until I was done, other than that she was not much help!
 If anyone has a quick way for dicing strawberries I am all ears.  3 pounds of strawberries took me an hour to dice, of course I was interrupted frequently by my helper, but still that was a long time!
 My favorite part when making strawberry jam is the smell that permeates through my home.  I wish it always smelled so scrumptious.  Next time when it comes time to boil down the syrup I may just keep the syrup separate and make strawberry syrup for pancakes, or at least keep some of it separate. 
This time I didn't mess around.  I filled our one liter jar and only had enough left for a little mold jar.  We went through ours so fast last time I think I will be lucky if this lasts more than a month!  I am not complaining, it is nice to make something for your family that they just eat up!  I may need to make another batch soon though before strawberries are out of season.

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