Friday, August 16, 2013

Hair Creativity

 Big L has long hair, can you tell?  She is also VERY creative and comes up with some of the most intricate and time consuming hair designs.  Sometimes I think she is just trying to challenge me.  The one above took at least 25 minutes to complete.  Two ponytails in the front, 10 braids in the back, pull back the ponytails to the middle of the back of the head, clip down with a barrette.  CRAZY yeah?  Kind of, but really it looked pretty darn cool in my opinion.  Sometimes it takes her awhile to get me to understand exactly what it is she wants me to do. 
Take this one for instance.  It was easy, but it took almost as long for her to get me to understand what she wanted as it did to put it up.  What did she want?  One ponytail.  Divide it into four sections, twist, weave end back through rubber band, barrette twisted portion to head.  It also looked a little cool.  I could show more!  This one below was her attempt at a crown I think.  There was a specific order I had to put those rubber bands!

My favorite of late seems to have escaped photographing.  For that one you start with a ponytail.  Divide that into three and braid each section, then take the three braids and braid them together.  IT is awesome at keeping the tangles away and stays pretty tight most of the day despite sleep and vigorous play. 

What hairstyles does your child come up with? 

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