Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Week-Food Allergy Fears

This last week was a rough week in many ways.  I had lots of plans of things I was going to do and share on this blog that did not come to fruition.  Life moves on and I am flexible, so I just ignored it all for awhile.  I had three doctor appointments last week and a toddler who as of today is going on eight days without a normal bowel movement. 

Little l has had diarrhea/loose stool for over a week.  At first, I thought it was a virus, as did the doctor.  If this is a virus it is apparently not very contagious as no one else has become ill.  That is the good thing about last week.  However, if not a virus what?  We sent off on Friday to have a test done to determine if virus or parasite, but my paranoid food allergy mom sense is tingling, and I can just hope that it is overreacting. 

Little l hasn't had anything new recently, so if we have a new food allergy it is going to be to something she loves.  I just hope it is not wheat, but if it is I am sure that we will adjust and move on.  For her sake I hope it is not one of the many fruits she loves, or her milk.  We did go a few days without milk, but that did not seem to help.  She asked a lot during those few days to drink her milk, eat cheese, eat yogurt, etc.  I put her on some probiotic supplements so we will see if that helps at all.  She is my healthy kid.  Even when she gets sick she is usually quick to recover.  It doesn't linger, and she has not been on antibiotics a lot, twice maybe three times in her whole life.  Like I said not a lot. 

We will see what happens with the little one, and now I am waiting to see if my insurance will approve a breast reduction.  I went to the plastic surgeon, liked him.  He warned me I would likely be flat, I told him I was fine with that.  He warned me that he had to make it look good, I told him to do what he had to do.  Now we wait to see what the insurance says.  I am nervous because I have not complained about my neck, shoulder, upper back and chest pain a lot.  When I did complain of chest pains they told me it was something else, they did not relate it to my boobs.  We will see what happens, but I am a bit nervous about the waiting, and excited to have it done.  I just imagine what it will feel like to not be weighed down anymore and I can only imagine how awesome it will feel. 

So that is my long winded excuse for having nothing to write about last week, though truth is I had things I could have written about I was just preoccupied by a potty training toddler with diarrhea, a back procedure for myself, and the stress of getting Big L back into a school schedule.  I swear she takes the smallest bites in the morning just to drive me nuts!  That is another post.  Enjoy your Monday!

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