Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yogurt anyone?

My family eats a lot of yogurt.  That is saying something considering it is just three out of the four who eat it all.  A couple months ago I looked into getting a yogurt maker, but couldn't really justify the cost versus what the thing actually does.  I was going to just see if my oven would stay at a low temp for long periods, but my oven is not always stable temperature wise, and you can't mess around when trying to make yogurt!  So I was browsing groupon the other day, which I try not to do, and there was a yogurt maker calling my name.

Can I just say that I think that yogurt maker is a bad name for this thing?  I cook the milk, let it cool add the yogurt starter.  It just keeps it warm.  Okay, I guess it helps the culture multiply and turn the milk to yogurt, so it does something....still.

I thought yogurt making would be more difficult to be honest. 
 This is what you need.  Milk, I used whole milk, that is what my milk people drink.  Yogurt, plain (yuck) for your starter.  A pot, I should have used a smaller one, but I am not good at volume.  You bring the milk to a boil.  Let it cool while the yogurt starter warms to room temp.  Mix until you have no lumps, then put it in the jars and put in the warmer.  That's it.  Eight hours later you have yogurt. 

I took two of my jars and strained them with a colander in a bowl, four layers of cheesecloth over the colander so that I have some "Greek" yogurt.  5 jars of regular ready to be flavored and one container of Greek yogurt.  I must say that the Greek yogurt is likely going to be my sour cream substitute.  It is sour because it is plain and it has a good consistency.  I think it will work well!

I have eaten most of it at this point.  Some of my favorite combinations:

Fresh Strawberries, Honey, Flaxseed
Strawberry Preserves
Banana, Honey, Flaxseed

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