Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Body Butter

 Back to the first book, EcoBeauty, for some body butter.  Can I just say I wish I had followed the recipe better?  I also wish that I had followed my friend's recipe instead.....you can catch it here: Green is Going Green....and Everything in Between.

 Here we are melting the ingredients for Ultimate Body Butter.  We substituted sesame oil for avocado oil, because that was what we had.  I also added shea butter, and made a REALLY big batch.  In the end, I had this....a bowl of oils, melted, and my instructions said whip.  Well, that didn't work for me, so I added water and whipped.  Next time, we are doing this differently.  We are using it up, and it works, but it could be better.  Next time, I will tell you how it turns out.  That will likely be soon, as I use a LOT of body butter. 
In the end we had a productive day in the moisturizing kitchen.  It was great for a first try, and I will learn to follow a recipe, I swear....kind of.  Each time I do it I will learn something new and be able to modify and find the combination that works for us, hopefully both L's and I will be able to use the same lotion/body butter.  Wouldn't that be nice? 

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