Friday, April 26, 2013

My own lovely shampoo....

I am usually the last one I make natural stuff for.  It is usually the kids who go first.  However, we still have product from California Baby for them, and I was out of shampoo/conditioner.

I perused my latest book purchases again.
Basic Shampoo
1/2 cup water (distilled)
1/2 cup liquid soap (olive oil or castile of any kind)
1/2 tsp light vegetable oil

Place ingredients in a shower safe container, not like my glass one, I was short of good containers.  You don't want to stir just mix gently.  It will separate so do so with each use.  I added some essential oils to give me a nice smell.  The only thing I will say is I need to get my rear in gear and make a nice rinse because after a week my hair is well moisturized and actually bordering on oily.

I do like it though, my hair is clean, and not dry.  I can't get in to the new dry shampoo movement, so this is awesome for me. 

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