Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Half-Clean Clothes? A man's world.

I don't like to smell unpleasant things.  I don't know anyone who does, but I really don't like to find the smells unexpectedly in my home.  For the record, my husband thinks that I have an overly sensitive nose.  I don't think so.

As I was putting away laundry this morning, I noticed a scent in the closet, a non-pleasant scent.  I quickly tracked it down to one of my husbands shirts, which he obviously wore, but felt was clean enough to rehang in the closet.  I guess I should give him praise for hanging it, as I know others whose husbands have piles, but honestly, who wants that smell in the clean clothes area?

I have tried hard to get him to just put his clothes in the laundry, but he just has a different idea of dirty.   I personally can't seem to ever have an outfit I consider clean enough to re-wear.  The minute I get dressed I seem to end up with some form of kid goo on me.  I changed my shirt three days one day because I didn't want to go out covered in little l's lunch, and I still had cookie or dinner or some other unidentified substance on me.  I know my husband also has these things on him, so can someone tell me how his clothes are still clean enough to re-wear?

Maybe I am just being a bit weird and compulsive about this.......thoughts?

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