Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first button-hole!!!

I realize I am getting older and have owned this sewing machine since my mother gave it to me over ten years ago, but I have never made a button-hole before. 

Today I put sewing on my to-do list.  Mostly because I needed to sew some patches on big L's daisy uniform, you know, before I misplaced them. 

When I finished that the baby was still napping so I started in on the sashes for her curtains.  Her curtains block out sunlight and heat, but they don't slide on the rod well, so I have been meaning to make sashes for five or six months now so that we could have natural light in her room when she is awake.  I decided how I wanted them to look, how wide, and added a ribbon, but I still needed some way to have them hang on the hooks.  The only thing I could think of was a buttonhole, but I have never done this before, and honestly, I tried to think of something else that would be easier......I couldn't. 

I tracked down my sewing machine manual, read the directions (what a concept) and oh my gosh it was easy!!!

Still learning something new each day.  :-) 

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