Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sprouting Pumpkin

I have had good intentions regarding this pumpkin, which I believe I purchased in January.  My intention was to bake, puree and can the poor thing so that I would have pumpkin puree for recipes. 

I may have let it sit a bit long, or should have put it in my cooler closet instead of the kitchen counter.  I thought if it was on the counter it would annoy me so much I would bake and can it quickly.  Then I realized I was out of jars, so I put it off, then....well it just sat.  It was still a nice healthy pumpkin when I opened her up this morning, she just had a little surprise for me. 

Sprouts.  I had never seen a pumpkin with sprouts inside.  From what I read online (because what else would you do to find out if this was normal) it is normal, and does not mean your squash is past its prime.  You can plant the sprouts if you choose, but February is not the time to be planting pumpkins around here, so I think they will just have to try to survive our compost heap. 

Learn something new everyday.

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