Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music and little ones

My children never cease to amaze me, or help me to see wonder in the world where I know longer saw wonder.  Lately, we have been playing a lot of music.  We normally play music in the car, and sometimes around the house, but lately it has been a bit louder. 

Big L, up until about a year ago, did not think there was any kind of music other than classical or kids tunes.  She would put up with my music, but didn't like things I consider basic (Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews).  She has since seen the light, but still prefers to listen to violins. 

Little l on the other hand, puts up with our classical/operatic moments and prefers music with loud electric guitar, pounding bass and a good drum beat.  This is what I gather based on her desire to move anytime she hears said music. 

Gotta love the personalities and the differences!

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