Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morning Wake-Ups

This morning I was awakened by a little one whispering, "can I ride my bike this morning?"  Sure I said just let me WAKE UP!

The concept of leaving mommy alone until 7:30 is one we are still working on.  However, we had discussed walking/biking the night before, so the excitement was expected.

This is our bike wearing attire.  Knee high socks, new sneakers, pink hoodie, and sparkly princess bike with coordinating pink helmet.  Quite cute actually. 

This was the view from the highest point we walked/biked to.  Apart from big L screeching a few times because the hills were a bit steep (read: scary for my cautious child on her bike) it was a quiet and peaceful morning. 

Going up the big hill though was brutal.  I have to wonder when I will ever be able to make it up with out completely losing my breath.  No matter, it caused us to pause and appreciate the surroundings, and peacefulness of the morning, which I guess is good.  Maybe my breathing issues have something to do with that haze over the mountains........I take good air days for granted, and forget that you can't see the junk you are breathing when you are surrounded by it. 
It was a beautiful morning walk, and little l even kept her new sun hat on the whole time!

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