Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy and artistic weekend: Part 2

The second project I worked on was a bench that we have had since big L was 2, and it was getting so weathered I knew if I didn't do something soon we would be replacing slats.

Here is the before picture:
Acutally the post sanding picture.  I, of course, forgot to take true before pictures. 

After sanding, staining, and clear coating, this is what we have now:
This should stand up to a few more years of weather before I have to repeat.  (Ignore the hose in the picture!)

I also worked on a rocking chair that we rescued from my grandparent's barn.  Here is the before:

Again, before is post sanding.  This one took a lot more sanding.  It had a few rough splintering spots.  My fingers can attest to the splinters, which I did finally get dug out the day after sanding.  It is a fold-able rocker, which is kind of cool.  It was held together so tight, there was no way to get the pieces apart at all.  Quality craftsmanship!

Here is the after picture:
Looks pretty good if I say so myself.  I decided to paint the flower on the back of the chair so that it would be more accented, and girly.  We are a house filled with mostly girls you know.  It is always nice to use furniture that was once used by family.  I really have purchased very little furniture for myself.  It was only in the last couple years that I had to buy furniture (other than a bed) because I didn't have a hand me down to do what I needed.  This chair will be used by Big L, and eventually little l, hopefully it will last to be used by grandchildren as well.

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