Friday, February 24, 2012

This Moment-Modified

I have been really horrible with the camera all week.  I forget to take it everywhere, and I don't use it when I have it. 

This morning, I planned on taking the camera and getting a shot at the top of the hill I have been walking.  Instead, I forgot the camera, and something truly beautiful happened.  The baby and I were heading up the hill after watching big L hop on the bus for school.  The bottom of the hill is a natural wash, filled with vegetation and critters.  It is not uncommon to see rabbits, bobcats and javelina.  In fact they are pretty common.  This morning however we saw a coyote.  The coyotes were pretty noisy last night, but you don't generally see them in the day.  The baby and I were quiet, I whispered to her, "look a coyote".  Then we watched as he/she proceeded to look both ways, pause and then run across the street.  We didn't see any other wildlife this morning except birds, but that was okay, because we saw a beautiful coyote living life and ignoring the human intrusion into it's world. 

If that is magically mundane, I don't know what is!

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