Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gardening: First post baby's birth attempt

When I am pregnant, and after my child is born, is not the time for me to grow plants.  Any other time, I am good, or at least not bad.

L and I hit the garden center the other day and went crazy.

Flowers, flowers and flowers
That is a picture of strawberry and broccoli plants, intermingled with the sunflowers my husband was not supposed to plant.

Yes, I know there is a weed.  I thought, however, that I had killed my mint plant.  Yet look at that!  It is coming back!!  A nice little surprise.

This is all very exciting.  Big L is looking forward to eating her own strawberries, as she loved the last batch she grew.  Tomorrow I may show you what has moved onto my windowsill!

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