Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something just for me.

I decided it was my turn for something.  I checked out my book again, Stitch by Stitch, and chose the next piece of clothing in line learning wise.  The book if you go from front to back helps you to attain new skills with each project then put them altogether in the clothing section.  Unfortunately, the patterns aren't as big as I still am post little l, so I will need to keep losing weight to wear it. 

However, I did it!  I started about three weeks ago, and admittedly stopped a few times in between to make the easier items posted earlier.  I had to give myself a bit of a pep talk and remind myself that I can follow directions!  This weekend though, I was determined.  This wrap around skirt wasn't going to get me.  In the end it did and when I can finally wear it I will need to sit down with my mom or someone more experienced and find out if the pattern was wrong (I doubt it), or I just misread something (most likely).  Here is what I have:
See that tie on the right as you look at it?  It is supposed to be wrapped around and tied to the one by the buttons.  It is not long enough!

Modesty buttons as she called them.  You know, for those windy days when you really don't want everyone seeing your undergarments.  Buttons are some from my mom's collection.  They were 67 cents in the day. 

My most proud moment.  An on-seam pocket, it lays flat!  I know I cut the fabric backwards, but it is inside the pocket!  Who looks there? 
So, fifteen or so pounds and I will be flitting around town in my pretty little skirt!  I love it!  I will say that this skirt taught me a lot.  It taught me I can do this clothes sewing thing I am trying.  I am not perfect, and this is not easy....yet.  I need a lot of practice before I will consider myself good at gutter stitching!  I am sure there will be more sewing projects to come, but I think for a day or two I may start that knitting project I want done by the holidays. 

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