Thursday, June 21, 2012


My daughter and I have decided to start making some of her clothes.  Fun times all around, but there are times when she won't be here, and I will want to fit something, or I will be too frustrated to get her to be still so I don't stick her with a pin. 

Of course, I bought a book.  I love books!  Sewing Clothes Kids Love, is a great book.  In it the Kinderquin is recomended.  Basically you have them dress in old clothes that you are okay with cutting.  Then you put duck tape (yes the silly colored kind works great and is not like duct tape) all over them.  You can use long or short sleeves.  Then you cut it off, carefully.  Stuff it, put a hanger in it and voila you are done. 

I think my daughter thought it would be more fun.  She did enjoy being wrapped up like a mummy, until I had to cut it off. 



Complete with hanger, and stuffing

Even shows the curve in her back. 
Hopefully, this will work.  I think it is a cute idea.  After I cut it off she liked it too. 

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