Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Growing our own food

We spend a lot of our grocery money on vegetables and legumes, usually.  Right now with the diet I am on it is more on meat, but that will change again soon. 

I have always wanted to have a garden of my own.  I have tried to grow things from seed before with little to no success.  This time though I have been determined to get it right.  I started reading books about it two years ago.  Updated that knowledge more over the last 6 months, and went for it this spring. 

This was taken right after I dug up the ground, added top soil and planted some seeds.
 I planted black bean, munching cucumber, pickling cucumber, kale, two types of lettuce, and in the rows, summer squash. 
Big L made little signs for me.

This garden patch was put in a week later.  More digging up rocks, etc, then adding topsoil.
 In the part behind the bricks I planted rainbow carrots, onions and beets.  I am just hoping I dug deep enough and loosened the soil enough to not have bent carrots.  It was a lot of work in the plot as there were a ton of weeds to get rid of.  In between my rows I put down leaves that my dad was going to throw away!  Free Mulch!
 You may notice the soil in front of the bricks.  We are trying to grow grass seed here.  I am not a good cubic feet calculator and should have gotten one more bag of the soil, but hey, the seeds are coming up everywhere, so I think I will be okay. 
 The apple tree is doing well, despite a freak March hailstorm.  What was that all about?  I hope we are done with weird cold fronts!

 When we went to Lowe's for the fairy garden, I picked up another patio plant and more herbs.  I can't seem to stop buying plants lately!

Things are finally sprouting, so (as I told my mother) as long as I don't screw it up now I should have yummy things to eat!

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