Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There be fairies on this here cake....

and boy did it take a long time to decorate!

My youngest l is a Tinkerbell fan.  If Tink were real I am sure they would be partners in mayhem together; then they would find a way to fix it all.  So when she turned two I decided a Tink cake would be great.  I ordered the toppers which came with very sparse directions.  I finally mastered making frosting.  Then I went to work trying to make it look like the picture.  I have never taken a cake decorating class.  What little knowledge I have is from my mom trying to show me when I was young, and things I have read.  I think for a non-pro this cake turned out great. 

Despite my diet I also tasted it and I can tell you that it tasted great!  I modified the Better Homes and Gardens Banana Cake recipe.  The family loved it.  I managed to freeze some, but most of it was eaten quickly! 

Now I have to decide if my oldest should get the fairies for her garden, or if the little one should get them for her new playhouse......

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