Monday, March 18, 2013

There be Fairies in this here garden!

Two Sundays ago,  big L and I headed off to Lowe's to buy dirt and plants.  We had a good time just the two of us.  She picked some awesome looking plants for her fairy garden, we stopped for some ice tea, then came home and got to work!

We planted moss which should mound nicely as it grows, and petunias.  Yes that is a very expensive broken bowl, but doesn't it make a nice bridge and home?

We made pathways with little pebble rocks.  The broken pot in the back is also a home.  They yellow flower is columbine.  The little saucer is a bird bath, she labeled everything with a sharpie and a broken plate.

That pink flower in the corner is called Cineraria

We have a regal geranium to the right of our "tree" and a dahlia toward the front.  More petunias.  The cup, also broken, on its side is a human house.  You have to love her sense of scale. 

 She has added a few things since I took these pictures, but I told her to take her time, it is a process.  She should find little things and add them as she chooses.  I also had to keep reminding her that the plants will grow, and take up more space as time goes by. 

I think it turned out nice, and it is making her want to be outside more, which is good.  Now I just have to find some affordable chairs for her patio and it will be complete!

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