Friday, March 1, 2013

a private patio garden...soon

 Off one of our bedrooms is this little private patio.  Completely walled in, only accessible from the bedroom, it has gone ignored since we moved in.  I forgot to take a true before pic, but this is my post digging out the plants/cacti that were trying to grow here without any TLC.  When we first looked at the house I imagined a little table with two regular lawn chairs.  After spending time out there, I think I imagine something more comfy.  Maybe two big cushioned patio chairs and a little table.  Somewhere you would want to sit and read when the weather is right. 

The weather was not right this weekend, very windy and cold.  All in all, I can't complain, I removed all that cactus without getting stuck!
 This bed did not seem to have any concrete in it.  It was just dirt, but It melded with the tiles, so I decided to use some more of those concrete cores to line it.  I am going to raise the bed with more good soil. 
 This is the view out.  I don't think I could climb the wall if I wanted to!
This is the other half.  It is not a big space, but it is not covered, so it gets some sun.  The roof only goes out to the edge of the tiles.  Watering this area will not be easy, but judging by the moss on the tiles, I don't know that it will need a lot of watering.  I have been pondering since spending time in this space what to do here.  What should I grow, what would make this little space seem bigger than it is.  That is when pinterest hit me.  Oh, okay, not really, and honestly I know I saw it somewhere else as well, but I think this is the perfect place for fairies, don't you?  I think the girls and I, and maybe the hubby, would have fun building little houses out of natural stuff.  I have lots of broken pots we can use to make steps and pathways.  My mind is beginning to fill with ideas.  Nothing concrete yet, but I think in a few weeks I may have a plan. 

I am off to figure out what plants the fairies like best! 

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