Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's coming up roses!

We have a rose bush in our yard in a pot, but I have had my eye on this raised bed in my yard for a while now.  Just thinking it would be great for roses. 

Unfortunately, while planting my grapevines it came to my attention that there was this concrete, a few inches into my flower bed.  My solution.  Raise that bed more!

 So, I did.  I got these concrete cores from my dad, who had extra.  Yeah for FREE!  The weekend before last I lined them all up in a row, tilled my dirt, removed the yucky bits still in there from the previous inhabitants.  This weekend I added soil.  Lots of soil to raise it up.  Unfortunately, that grapevine has already taken root to the point where I could not easily move it.  So I left it alone, and sloped the new soil down to it.  We planted four different kinds of roses in this strip.  Big L helped, which meant it took longer.  However, it was a good lesson in patience for me.  How will she ever learn to garden properly if she doesn't get to help?  It was fun, and she declared it the best weekend ever, which means it made her happy.  Right now, for her everything and everyone is the best ever. 
 We put some bark on top, L made a design with rocks on the top of the cylinders and voila! we were done.  I didn't have the heart to pull out that little cactus, though I know over time it will grow, and have to go, but for now it has a reprieve. 
These last two fake rocks are mine.  Good ol' Eeyore, and a turtle are just right in this patch of garden. 

I can't wait to see all of the blooms as it warms up!

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