Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knitting again-this time with more accuracy

Last summer, yes 2012, I started a x-mas present for little l.  It obviously did not make it in time for the big event.  Knitting is sometimes intimidating to me, and practicing enough to get good at it, has proven challenging.  I taught myself to knit in law school, but couldn't do it for long because my hands hurt too much.  So I gave up.  Part of the problem was I was a VERY tight (read also tense) knitter which made it twice as hard.

I decided a couple years ago to try again.  You saw my first attempt in a previous post.  It was very flawed.  When I started this next top last summer I tried to not have as many flaws.  When I picked it up last weekend though I decided to scrap it and start over (for the third time).  I think this was the right choice.  I am understanding more now, and I am getting better.

My problem is I pick hard things to start with, not simple, so I decided to practice my stitches on a dishcloth.  Everyone in my family knits them, so I decided to give it a try.  I am sure with  more practice I will end up with a square instead of a long diamond, but hey I tried!

The top I am knitting is my first go with a circular needle.  i am a bit nervous!  The only problem I have with knitting is that I don't want to do anything else now until I finish this!  Apparently, I am much more relaxed now, because I am not a tight knitter, and I find the whole thing to be rather calming!  At the rate I am knitting I will have the top down in the next week or two. 

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