Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trees, Glorious Trees!

Green, growing and (soon to be) scrumptious.  Okay okay, enough of that stuff.  The truth is I have been pretty nervous since we planted our trees at the beginning of the month.  We have had some really cold weather and some warm weather.  The warm likely being the reason these glorious trees have begun to put on leaves!  I am a happy tree mama. 

 This budding beauty will be producing three to four types of apples for me in a couple of years.  I am looking forward to all the apples and applesauce!
 This is my peach tree.  It will also be putting on three to four types of peaches in a couple years.  Can I just say that I am actually looking forward to learning how to can these so we have some in the winter? 
 This is my cherry tree.  The yummy deliciousness makes me drool at times.  But wait you say that is not the best picture.  Well, I actually was taking a picture of that pretty little spider web.  Can you see it?
 The truth is those leaf pics are a couple weeks old.  The new thing from this past weekend is this little patch near my apple tree.  In the middle there is what we are hoping will be a nice blackberry bush.  For some reason big L and the hubby love blackberries.  Personally, I am more into raspberries, but to each his/her own. 
the little plant

Near the very leafy apple tree
I must say this little patch is coming along nicely.  Please ignore the grass growing in my rocks.  I am still deciding what I want with that area back there.  What I do know is that we will likely be putting in a little grass in this area for the kids, and for a big birthday surprise we have in store for little l.  Just not sure if it will be done by her birthday.......

That little bit was just a part of my busy weekend.  More to come!

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