Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More backyard improvment!

This last weekend I was supposed to be up at Girl Scout camp with my troop.  Unfortunately big L got sick and we were quarantined at home.  Okay, not really quarantined, but the doctor said she had the flu and didn't want her around a lot of people. 

I was feeling fine until Sunday so I used the opportunity to work outside.  This kept me away from the germs a little more because even though she is big L she still likes to snuggle. 

This is my new cherry tree.  We actually planted all the trees the weekend it was pouring.  There are three or four varieties on the tree, so that it self-pollinates.  It is also a low chill variety. 

The peach is on the left, cherry on the right.  Bad pic!

This is my apple tree.  All the trees have multiple varieties grafted on so as to be self-pollinating. 

Proof that my flowers are still alive!

In the corner, behind the cactus is my grapevine.  I planted four, one at each post.  Unfortunately, they had to be further away from the post because I found concrete about six inches below the topsoil along the tile. 

Imagine the grapevines growing up and over my gazebo.  Shade will come eventually!
This is my cute peach tree all by herself. 

It was a long day of hard work.  I also cleaned up the front yard and re-potted some houseplants.  I was beat, but it felt good to sit back and admire the work and imagine what it will be like as things grow. 

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